Just when you might have thought the Winklevoss-Facebook-Zuckerberg saga was over, it seems the famous Harvard educated twins aren't quite finished with the famous Facebook CEO quite yet.

The twins and partner Divya Narendra filed a report in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts on Thursday asking a judge to investigate whether or not Facebook intentionally or inadvertently suppressed evidence during earlier litigation between the two parties.

A spokesperson for Facebook called the allegations old and baseless and said they were rejected by previous courts.

The trio alleges Facebook hid evidence of the company's famous chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg trashing them during this settlement. According to the Winklevoss and Narendra, the instant messages were Zuckerberg saying he was going to screw them over.

They made a mistake haha. They asked me to make it for them. So I'm like delaying it so it won't be ready until after the Facebook thing comes out, Zuckerberg allegedly said in an instant message.

The messages were leaked to the blog Silicon Alley Insider and also were reported in The New Yorker. The trio says these messages should have been disclosed at the time of the original settlement in 2008.

This comes after the trio said they would not look appeal an Appeals Court decision to the Supreme Court. The Appeals Court overruled their objection for more money out of the original Facebook settlement. They were looking to get more out of the $65 million settlement, alleging Facebook did not provide an accurate valuation of the company.

The dispute famously started when the trio said, as undergraduate students at Harvard University, Zuckerberg stole their idea for a social network. The network, which has since become Facebook, was directly a ripoff of their ConnectU idea they said. The dispute was famously portrayed in the Oscar nominated film The Social Network in 2010.

After yesterday's decision, it seemed like the long-running dispute was finally over. However, it now appears there will be at least one more chapter.

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