The India-based news organization Sify rated City Center Las Vegas as the #1 Most Expensive Casino among the top ten in the world. The report characterized the sprawling, multi-structure property as a city within a city. Indeed, the 18 million square foot City Center boasts 4 hotels, 2,400 homes and 42 restaurants and bars. Small wonder it beat out single casinos for the top slot.

With a pricetag of $9 billion, Sify billed it as the most expensive private construction project in U.S. history, reporting that it went  $1.2 million over budget, and contributed to the 1.44 billion loss parent company MGM Resorts posted in 2010.

City Center Las Vegas rose to the top of the list by a wide margin - Marina Bay Sands in Singapore came in second place with a price of 5.36 billion, almost 4 billion dollars less than City Center.