Apple’s five-day Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2013 is set to begin at the Moscone West center in San Francisco on Monday. While Apple provides the live stream here, you can also track the events closely from the comfort of your chair, thanks to a number of live blogging sites.

The latest round of rumors about WWDC 2013 has made millions of Apple enthusiasts around the world go crazy with expectations of new products and services including the iOS 7, OS X 10.9, updated Macs and perhaps a new music streaming service, dubbed “iRadio.”

Following CEO Tim Cook’s recent statement that from the Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant will roll out “the future of iOS and OS X” at this year’s WWDC, many people assumed that a new iOS device could be on its way a lot sooner than expected. However, a number of reports followed thereafter, strongly suggesting that there won’t be any new iPhone or iPad at the developer’s meet.

While the next generation iteration of the iPhone, commonly referred to as the “iPhone 5S,” is expected in September or October, the fifth version of the iPad -- the “iPad 5” -- is rumored to be released in the third quarter of this year.[[nid:1297863]]

Anyhow, we’ll know in just a few hours what Cook and his company have in store for us at the WWDC 2013, which will kick off at 10 a.m. PDT [1:00 p.m. EDT] on Monday.

Let’s have a look at the local timings of the Apple event launch for some of the major cities around the world:

New York – Mon 13:00

Chicago – Mon 12:00

Los Angeles – Mon 10:00

London – Mon 18:00

Sydney – Tue 03:00

New Delhi – Mon 22:30

Tokyo – Tue 02:00

Hong Kong – Tue 01:00

Paris – Mon 19:00

Moscow – Mon 21:00

For information on launch times at other cities around the world, click here.

MacRumors reported that Apple has brought back its "Apple Events" channel on the Apple TV, which indicates that it will be streaming live video of the event. Apple is also expected to make the recordings of the event available for download a few hours after the keynote. You can find Apple keynotes here or on iTunes.

And, you can bookmark the following websites for live blog coverage:

1. The Verge Live Blog: The Verge will be live-blogging from the WWDC here.

2. iMore WWDC 2013 Keynote Live Blog: iMore will be live-blogging the event here.

3. 9to5Mac Live Blog: You can visit this site for live updates of the WWDC 2013 here.

4. SlashGear Live: SlashGear will be reporting live from the event here.

5. CNET Live Blog: CNET will bring you live updates from the WWDC 2013 here.

6. Techland.time Live Coverage: Click here for live-blogging.

7. Readwrite Live Blog: Readwrite will be posting live updates here.

8. ArsTechnica Live Blog: ArsTechnica will be live from the WWDC 2013 here.

9. Macworld Live Update: Macworld will be reporting the latest happenings at the event here.

10. TechnoBuffalo Live Blog: TechnoBuffalo will be live blogging from the event here.

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