As it currently stands, the Xbox One will not ship with a bundled headset, which Microsoft revealed will cost $24.99 a pop. However, that could change at some point. Albert Penello, who "leads planning" for the Xbox One, according to his official Twitter account, indicated that bundling headsets with Xbox One consoles is still a possibility. The tweet was first spotted by GamesRadar. Check out the photo below.


Microsoft has to be given credit for changing its policies, starting with used games and DRM. It doesn't make them look good when they continuously mirror Sony, their main competitor in the console wars, but their bravery in the face of a blemished image in the eyes of press and consumers should be acknowledged. We'll keep an eye on Penello's twitter account and other related accounts to see if they flip on their policy to not include headsets with the Xbox One as well. Stay tuned.

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