Yahoo increased its list of carrier partners on Tuesday when it announced a partnership with T-Mobile, an international carrier that is likely to make Yahoo oneSearch the exclusive search engine in T-Mobile's 11 European markets.

The partnership will allow Yahoo to get more mobile searches and better compete with Google since it will displace Google as T-Mobile's preferred search engine.

The Yahoo, T-Mobile deal is scheduled to become effective in March and will leap Yahoo high in the world of mobile search including the revenue generating mobile search advertising market.

T-Mobile became the twenty-sixth mobile carrier to sign a major deal with Yahoo.

Google still leads with more than nineteen mobile carriers around the world although some also have relationships with Yahoo which is still leading the mobile arms race.

Yahoo together with T-Mobile will develop search experiences which will be optimized for T-Mobile subscribers as well as customized versions of yahoo such as Messenger, Mail, Weather and Finance.