Apple iPhone
A man uses an Apple iPhone in Santa Monica, California August 24, 2011 Reuters

Apple has ruled over the smartphone and tablet market with a collection of 500,000 apps, offering more than 250,000 apps in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Here’s a list of the top 10 apps of 2011, costing not more than $1:

Atomic Web Browsing

The Atomic Web Browser supports tab browsing like a desktop browser which makes juggling multiple Web sites easier. The $1 app also allows full screen browsing, find in page, multi-touch shortcuts and loads of other features.

Opera Mini 6

Opera Mini 6 for iOS devices offers a fast and cost-effective web-browsing experience. It uses servers to compress and render pages, while Opera Mobile uses the same rendering engine as the Opera desktop browser and supports HTML5. This free app suppresses upto 90 percent of the data traffic. The Opera Mini 6.0.1 supports full pinch-to zoom on multi-touch devices, an improved YouTube video integration, a single column view and Added Opera Mobile Store icon to Speed Dial list. With the background tab loading, you can synchronize bookmarks from your desktop computer if you use Opera as your browser.


The Ad supported version of this app comes for free and the other version is at $.99. This unofficial Facebook app on the iPad does everything a non-existent Facebook app would do such as browse photos, make wall updates, check your profile, like and even chat.


Photosynth for iOS is a panorama creation and sharing app which doesn’t just capture images along a horizontal line, but at 360° in all directions to create and share them via Photosynth’s online service or on Facebook with your friends.


CNN app comes for free on the iPad, which brings breaking news, top stories and all the videos covered by CNN to the finger tips.


Bing, a combination between a search engine and a magazine-like aggregator for iPad app enables you to search news articles, movies, Bing images and popular searches.


With the voice search, Hound, you just have to speak out the name of the artist, band or song title to get all related information, photos, including tour dates, lyrics and song previews.

NBA Game

This free app is for basketball lovers. It can get you video highlights, player stats, box scores, play-by-play reports and if you have an NBA League Pass, it can stream live NBA games too.


Sonar is a social navy app that shows how you are connected to people around you by analyzing your Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter networks.


This is a free personal magazine app, which customizes its contents for the user by following his tendencies of reading from the Google Reader and Twitter account. The app displays contents that the reader would probably like reading.