A famous ship that sank 107 years ago has been found well-preserved deep at sea. An expedition to find the ship by Endurance22 and The Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust confirmed that it had been located in a press release on Wednesday.

The ship named Endurance was owned by British explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton was headed to Antarctica when the ship was crushed by ice and sank in the Weddel Sea in 1915. Shackleton and his crew were able to flee the ship before it sank, but the ship has been lost at sea ever since.

Mensun Bound, the director of exploration for The Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust described the details of the impressive preservation in the press release.

This is by far the finest wooden shipwreck I have ever seen. It is upright, well proud of the seabed, intact, and in a brilliant state of preservation. You can even see Endurance arced across the stern, directly below the taffrail. This is a milestone in polar history,” Bound said.

The ship was found about 2 miles deep in the sea by a team of researchers working from the South African polar research and logistics vessel using hybrid underwater search vehicles.

Now that the ship has been found, it will be protected under the Historic Site and Monument under the Antarctic Treaty. This ensures that while any surveying and filming are done, “it will not be touched or disturbed in any way," according to the press release.