Nissan Motors' Sentra variants may not have left much of an impression with the consumers. However, a redesigned version of the compact sedan is notably a cause for excitement.

The Japanese automaker premiered its all new Sylphy sedan at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show Monday, which the company declared is the platform for the 2013 Sentra that's heading for the North American continent late summer.

Nissan developed a one-class-above solution that exceeds customers' expectations - retaining the popular features of the current model while upgrading design, perceived quality, roominess and performance, Nissan said in a press statement.

In fact, Nissan has virtually re-imagined the category, delivering high quality styling outside and spacious, quiet comfort inside with the latest 'smart' amenities, plus remarkable fuel efficiency.

Keen to tap into China's ever expanding automobile market, Nissan will launch the Sylphy as the Asian variant of the upcoming Sentra. Differences between the two models are predicted to be at a bare minimum, with the overall design reflective of the recently unveiled Nissan Altima, a midsize sedan which is expected to hit US roads mid-year, Motor Trend said.

Following its launch in China this summer, the Sylphy will roll out in several market versions in 120 countries by 2014, Nissan said at the event.

The compact Sylphy shown at the event comes equipped with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine and features Nissan's next-generation XTRONIC continuously-variable transmission (X-CVT) along with a wider gear ratio, which the company promises will boost fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. The longer stoke, variable valve timing control and new coatings on the valve lifters, would aim to minimize friction and inertial loss, the automaker said.

In terms of the exterior design, The front grille and LED-bordered headlamps contribute to the premium image and help create a modern look, the automaker said in the press release.

LED taillights, a sharply angled trunk lid and eye-catching chrome trim add to the tastefully-styled one-class-above appearance.

Not much has been revealed about the 2013 Sentra, though the model will predictably take cues from the China-bound Sylphy in terms of specs. Its predecessor, in comparison, is powered with a 2.0-liter base four-cylinder engine, and though the 2012 Sentra falls into the category of affordable small cars and high fuel efficiency, rivals were said to offer vehicles with far better performance at even lower prices.

Nissan released an official teaser video for consumers to know what they can expect from the forthcoming Sentra. According to a Jalopnik report, the sedan is is missing the Sylphy's chrome grill bars and wood interior trim, but is an exact match in every other way.

Check out the teaser video here below.