Apple just released the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, but the tech giant might also be preparing to launch the 2018 version of the iPad Pro. A new report claims that the new iPad Pro models will arrive with a USB Type-C port, so they could output 4K HDR to an external display.

A USB-C port on the iPad Pro has been rumored before, but 9To5Mac’s source is claiming that it is officially part of Apple’s 2018 models. The inclusion of USB-C will allow users to output 4K HDR video to an external display. The source also claims that the new capability will introduce a new panel in the settings app where users will be able to control the resolution, dynamic range and other settings for connecting the iPad Pro to an external display.

This feature may not be a big deal to regular users, but it does expand the capabilities of the iPad Pro. Since Apple is aiming to get “Pro” users to get the tablet, it’s very likely that this will be a huge selling point. As for other users, this does have one big benefit. Users would be able to stream 4K HDR content from their iPad Pro by connecting it to a compatible television or monitor.

The 2018 iPad Pro is also said to arrive with an edge-to-edge display, so no home button up front is to be expected. The tablet will have very thin bezels, much like the current iPhone lineup, but it won’t have a notch on top of its display. Despite having thin bezels, the 2018 iPad Pros will still have enough room to incorporate Apple’s TrueDepth camera system up front. This will enable the company’s Face ID facial recognition feature on the 2018 tablets.

The 2018 iPad Pro will allegedly use the same image signal processor that’s found on the iPhone XS to make Face ID possible. 9To5Mac also claims that Face ID on the new iPad Pro will work in both portrait and landscape orientations. The only orientation where Face ID won’t work is if it’s upside down. However, setting up Face ID on the 2018 iPad Pro will require users to register their face in portrait orientation.

The new 2018 iPad Pro models is also said to arrived with a new version of the Apple Pencil stylus. The new Apple Pencil will allegedly work a lot like the AirPods. The new Apple Pencil can be paired with an iPad Pro by proximity, allowing users to switch between iPads without having to physically connect it to the tablet’s charging port. It remains unclear if the older version of the Apple Pencil will still work with the new 2018 iPad Pros.

The last bit of information that was reported about the 2018 iPad Pro is that it will have a new magnetic connector on its back. This new magnetic connector will be used to connect different types of accessories, including a new version of Apple’s Smart Keyboard.

So, when will Apple reveal the new 2018 iPad Pro? Apple hasn’t made any announcements for any sort of launch event. The Verge speculates that the tech giant might announce the new iPad Pro models sometime later this month. Apple has made product launches in the month of October before, so it’s not entirely out of the question.