Many fans noticed that 2K added commercials in “NBA 2K19” after the recent update. The commercials are unskippable and this irked many players. This is the first time that “NBA 2K19” added such features to this annual basketball game series. 

Fans noticed the commercials on the 2KTV in “NBA 2K19” as seen on a thread in theNBA2K Reddit. The ads are about the “Snowfall” TV series. Once an ad starts, players would have to watch until the end to proceed to their next game or menu.

The practice of in-game ads is a rare case in console games. Mostly, this practice is seen in free-to-play mobile games where players need to watch an ad first before they can proceed to the next area or get a bonus item. In “NBA 2K19,” players are said to receive extra Virtual Currency points if they do watch the ads. 

Another console game with in-game ads is Capcom’s “Street Fighter 5.” On pre-match loading screens, the “Street Fighter” and clothing store Uniqlo ad would show up albeit subtly, and the game then immediately transitions to the match once it’s ready. Meanwhile, the “NBA 2K19” commercials would pause the loading at 99 percent until an entire ad is over before the player can proceed.

While the ads are unskippable, players can actually prevent them from showing up if they turn off the 2KTV feature in the options. Previously, the 2KTV put up interactive questions for players and they would be rewarded if they got it right. Since there’s no more content for this feature and “NBA 2K20” is coming up, the developers placed some ads to put the feature to use. 

The ads seen in “NBA 2K19” are distasteful according to some players. The “Snowfall” TV show is about the rise of crack cocaine in Los Angeles. The game has an Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) age rating “for Everyone,” but it now has ads for a show that focuses on drug use. 

2K’s future with in-game ads will be decided depending on the reactions of fans. Potentially, the ads could been seen on the next "NBA 2K" title if fans don't mind them being there.