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Still a lot of juice left in this bad boy. Photo by Pixabay (CC0)

The next generation of new console games are almost upon us, and to say that we are all excited is a big understatement!

But while the majority of us are thrilled to get ourselves the brand-new PS5 for Christmas 2020, a lot of us are beaming for a different reason, and it has something to do with the PS4’s amazing library of games.

While the PS5 will definitely usher in a new era of gaming, the PS4 still has a lot of juice left in it, and is sure not going away anytime soon. Dropping a new console also means dropping the retail prices of games for the last one, so you most likely will be seeing discounts and deals as we edge ever closer to the PS5 launch.

For budget gamers like us, that is welcome news and is the perfect excuse to dive in our back catalogs and finally give those underrated titles a proper playthrough.

But don’t worry, we’re taking you along for the ride. So without any further ado, here are 5 hidden gems on the PS4 that you might have missed, and where to get great deals for them:

1. "Concrete Genie"

PS 1
Concrete Genie is uplifting and charming in its own way.

Although a PS4 exclusive, this title wasn’t able to get the same amount of love as its bigger brethrens, which is a shame because this game is just as magical as, well… actual magic.

Usually, Sony’s first-party titles always get the same criticism: that they’re third-person cover shooters with open-world elements and an action-adventure genre. At first, "Concrete Genie" may seem like that, as it’s also a third-person adventure. Play a little more and you’ll discover just how unique and charming it really is, especially compared to Sony’s portfolio.

In the game, you play as Ash, a kid that encountered a genie that gives his paintbrush the ability to bring more genies to life, which you can then use to paint over a town you used to visit in your childhood. It’s charming, uplifting, and is sure to bring a smile to your face.

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2. "The Evil Within 2"

PS 2
The Evil Within 2 offers a more personal story than the first game.

Despite being very original and chilling, "The Evil Within 2" is still a massive sales failure for Bethesda. Give this one a go and you’ll play one of the best survival horrors of this generation.

You dive into the game as Sebastian once more, the grizzled detective from the first title. This time, it’s personal, as you go back into STEM to save your missing daughter, encountering horrors and other chilling creatures along the way, all while you keep going down a wild descent yourself.

It’s a seat-gripping ride from start to finish. Start your terrifying journey by getting a copy from BestBuy here.

3. "Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice"

PS 3
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is a sensory experience unlike no other.

Combining in elements of Celtic and Norse mythology, this offering by Ninja Theory follows the titular heroine Senua, a Pict warrior, as she travels to the land of Helheim (Norse mythology's version of Hell) in order to get back the lost soul of her beloved husband from Hela. She encounters setbacks along the way, including the fire god Surtur, the god of illusions Valravn, and what seems to be the souls of dead Norsemen.

What really sets this game apart from others is how amazing of a sensory experience it is. Although it's just hinted, Senua herself seems to be suffering from psychosis, which means there are multiple voices always speaking over each other in her head. Because of this, the game recommends you play it with earphones in order to hear the voices yourself, which either guide Senua, try to pull her down, doubt her, or even cheer for her, culminating in a game mechanic that is just as unique as it is unsettling.

In the end, "Hellbalde" might not be a long journey (six to eight hours depending on your skill), but what it is is a nightmarish romp through foreign lands as you dive deeper and deeper into memories of abuse, neglect, love, and acceptance.

It's a truly unique experience, and it's best you try it for yourself with this BestBuy deal here.

4."Days Gone"

PS 4
Days Gone might look generic on the outside, but can deliver an addicting gameplay loop thanks to its mechanics.

Despite being another AAA title, "Days Gone" still had a shaky start, and considering it's another third-person open-world cover-shooter with zombies, it's not hard to see why a lot of players have easily left the game, or not even try it in the first place.

But for those that are patient enough to play it and get past the first shaky 10 hours, you are sure to be rewarded. You play as the weirdly-named Deacon St. John, a gruff but charismatic-type with a motorbike left to explore a desolate America, now teeming with zombies (called Freakers), bandits, and a few good people here and there.

But enough about that story. What you're here for is the challenge against the Freakers and bandits, which you can take out by either going guns all blazing, or carefully placing traps. It's all up to you, and really all of it is creative and addictive fun.

The story may be slow for some people, but considering how cheap it is now, it'll be a shame if you don't try it yourself. Plus, you can totally run over freakers with your motorcycle. Nice.

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5. "Knack 2"

PS 5
Knack 2 has enough charm and platforming fun to carry its own.

Now we know what you're thinking, but hear us out okay? Yeah? Good.

It's very hard to differentiate memes with "Knack 2" at this point, essentially because it's become one itself to some degree. And while it is true that this (and the first game by default) are no masterpieces on a system as powerful as the PS4, it still delivers on what a videogame should deliver in the first place: which is just harmless, guilt-free fun.

"Knack 2" might not be a "Mario" or a "Crash Bandicoot," but it's still charming enough to hold its own for what it is, delivered with much better game mechanics and a game world scale that's miles better than the first. And thanks to its co-op option and low difficulty, it's the perfect game to enjoy in an afternoon with a friend or two.

While today's technology provides us with video games that are often cinematic and grand in scale in terms of narratives and worlds, sometimes all you need is a stupidly-simple platformer starring a... thing made up of triangles and thingamabobs. That's exactly what "Knack 2" is, so have yourself a bit of harmless fun and entertainment.

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