Google+ set for release onto iOS
Google's new Google+ service is set to be released as an app for download on Apple's iPhone and iPad devices. IBTimes

Google+ has snatched a great deal of attention from the time it has rolled out. Tweeter is flooded with people discussing how the new networking site is a blow on the older sites, asking questions and sharing experience.

Here are some tips on how you could make the most out of it:

If you want to share a picture or any link with your Twitter followers or Facebook friends, you can do it with Google+ as it has a chrome extension to enable that. To install the extended Share, you need to visit the Chrome Web Store. Currently with the extended share enabled every post will have a Send to ... link under each post. Google is working on the project to allow auto share with a single click.

For the moment, Google+ users cannot claim their vanity URLs, so to fix that problem all you need to do is log into your web hosting provider with your domain name. Then in your admin page, create a sub-domain called “Google.” Redirect that subdomain to your Google+ profile page.

Google’s integration with its gamut of products allows you to share a post or check notification directly from Gmail account without opening a separate page for Google+.

If you want to block any comment on your post you can mute the post or if you are too annoyed with the person you can even block the person and report abuse. You can also disable comment or disable re-sharing of a post.

You can navigate your Google+ stream by the following shortcuts:

Shift Space: Scroll up stream
Space: Scroll down stream
J: Scroll down stream one post at a time
K: Scroll up stream one post at a time
Q: Go to chat (left column)
Return: Start comment
Enter: Skip line in comment and start new paragraph
Tab + Enter: End comment