It’s a great day for audiophiles -- Spotify has finally made its popular music streaming service free on all mobile platforms. Just as long as the songs stay shuffled, at least; the company won’t allow free users complete track choice as if they were picking from their CD or iTunes collections.

Still, that’s not too bad. Especially considering Spotify also just signed a deal to stream Led Zeppelin, exclusively.

It's not such a great day for Samsung, though. The Koreans sued Apple, claiming that the latest iPhones and second-generation iPad infringed on their messaging patents, but they lost. On their home turf, too; a South Korean court ruled that Samsung’s proposed ban on the Apple products won’t happen.

Samsung hasn’t said whether it will appeal or not, but don’t be surprised if it does. The company is in legal battles with Apple all around the world.

Let’s spin the globe back to the USA. Amazon is launching its food delivery service, AmazonFresh, in the San Francisco Bay Area today. It’s the third major metropolitan area (following Los Angeles and Seattle) that the delivery giant has hit. Amazon hopes that the sideline will generate extra revenue for the main site, probably by forcing consumer eyeballs to its name on a more frequent basis.

The subscription service costs a shade under $300 per year.

We’ll have more tomorrow on the top tech stories.