Want to get into the Halloween spirit? Aside from decorating your home, prepping treats and tricks, and getting your costumes ready for the big day; why not take things up a notch this year and make your space smell extra Halloween-y, as well?

We found 8 scented candles that are perfect for the spooky season and that your entire family is sure to love. Plus, they all have jewels hidden inside for an extra Halloween treat!

Devil's Pumpkin

The perfect Halloween scent blend. (Photo: Jewelscent)

One of the most iconic scents for Halloween, pumpkin is blended with other subtle spices in this scented candle for the spooky season. With hints of lemon zest and vanilla bean, this scent will give your home a warm ambiance that is perfect for telling scary stories while carving your jack-o-lanterns.

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Candy Corn

A deliciously sweet scent. (Photo: Jewelscent)

Love the sweet smell of candy corn? This scented candle is just as addictive as candy corn itself as it brings together sweet vanilla, caramelized sugar, whipped butter, sweet vanilla bean, and marshmallow cream. What a mix!

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Monster Mash

Get into the Halloween spirit with this scent. (Photo: Jewelscent)

The perfect scent for Halloween night itself, this candle has a buttery smell mixed with vanilla, creamy coconut, and warm toasted pistachio. There are also fruity hints of raspberry, orange, and cherry in it that make the candle the perfect blend to add to the Halloween spirit.

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Zombie Punch

Perfect for Halloween date night. (Photo: Jewelscent)

Turn Halloween night into date night with this scented candle filled with all things red. While its base note is vanilla, it also has mid notes of champagne, pomegranate, and mulberry in it, as well as fruity hints of apple and cherry. You'll love smelling this scent in your home on Halloween night with a glass of wine and your loved one next to you.

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Jewelscent isn't just about Halloween-inspired scented candles, though. Since 2013, they have been aiming to make their customers feel good with fun products that will put smiles on their faces. Since they started as a small jewelry wholesale company, it makes sense why they have pretty jewelry hidden inside their scented candles and their bath bombs. Yes, their bath bombs have them, too.

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