There was an manhandling altercation between airline employees and a passenger on IndiGo Airlines, pictured on December 27, 2010. Getty Images

IndiGo airline issued an apology Tuesday following what it called an "unacceptable" incident with a passenger and airline employees. The month-old video footage was taken of the passenger as he was manhandled by ground workers for the India-based airline on the tarmac of Delhi Airport.

The video made waves on social media, but the airline didn't make an official apology until three weeks after the incident. Two IndiGo staffers appeared to pin the male passenger, Rajiv Katiyal, to the ground and tackle him Oct. 15 after the customer allegedly grabbed one of the airline workers. The passenger seemingly attempted to fight his way out from underneath the employee holding him down.

The incident apparently stemmed from a verbal argument, which led the staffers to prevent the passenger from boarding. The customer was said to be taken into police custody, according to reports. The employees were suspended during the investigation period but were later terminated.

"We truly apologize for the treatment shown towards Mr. Rajiv Katiyal by one of our employees. At IndiGo, [the] dignity of our passengers and staff is of utmost importance," IndiGo wrote Tuesday on Twitter. "Any act that comprises the dignity of either is of serious concern to us. Under the code of conduct violation, this incident was investigated and stern action was taken against the staff."

IndiGo President Aditya Ghosh claimed Tuesday to have "personally spoken" to Katiyal about the situation. Ghosh said he discovered that the customer was responsible for instigating the physical altercation with airline staffers. One of the employees involved, who was determined to be the main culprit, was terminated for his involvement because Ghosh claims "he's the exact opposite" of what IndiGo's customer experience aims to be.

"I acknowledge the unpleasant experience our passenger went through while engaging with our staff at Delhi airport," Ghosh wrote on Twitter. "My personal apologies as this do not reflect our culture."

The Ministry of Civil Aviation of Government of India (MoCA), an organization that regulates airline policies, requested a detailed report on the incident. MoCA also encouraged the passenger to file a complaint against the employees that ignited the altercation.

"IndiGo passenger incident from Oct 15 is deplorable and unfortunate. Passenger safety and security is our top-most priority," Jayant Sinha, Minister of State for Civil Aviation, wrote Tuesday on Twitter. "MoCA has already asked for a detailed report from Indigo by tomorrow. IndiGo has issued a news release stating that the culprit has been terminated."

"We hope that the passenger will file a criminal complaint. This will enable us to take appropriate action," Sinha added.

This isn't the first time IndiGo has come under fire for its customer service. A passenger tweeted Saturday about airline workers that allegedly behaved "rudely" to her, which resulted in the airline issuing an apology on the employees' behalf. Aditya Narayan, son of Bollywood singer Udit Narayan, also got into a verbal altercation in October with IndiGo employees.