When Apple introduced its new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, the Cupertino giant made it clear that only a couple of apps will have Touch Bar support at launch. This week as the first batch of deliveries arrive to customers, more apps are getting updated to obtain support for the functional OLED strip atop the physical keys of the keyboard. The newest app to receive an update is Airmail.

According to Forbes, the macOS email client, Airmail, just received an update this Tuesday, and it is one that is quite important to owners of the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar laptops. Update 3.2 comes not only with certain tweaks and fixes, it also brings support for the dynamic touch strip of the new laptops.

Once the updated version is installed, users can set shortcuts and actions for the Airmail app by clicking View then selecting Customize Touch Bar. Upon clicking this option, the customization window for the app will appear, and this is where users can drag their buttons for the Touch Bar. Once all buttons are set, users can save the configuration by clicking the Done button.

Customizations for the Touch Bar support of Airmail include creating new messages, archiving, replying to emails, forwarding emails, trashing emails, snoozing, creating memos, making To Dos and unsubscribing from email lists. There are also shortcuts to print, move or even label an email, as per 9To5Mac. Given that there are many customization options, this means each user can personalize the app to their liking.

As mentioned earlier, the new update also comes with fixes for certain bugs found in the previous version. There are also changes and enhancements, such as the updated widget and the block and mute actions.

Version 3.2 of Airmail is free for download to users who already bought the $9.99 Airmail app from the Mac App Store.