When the Apple AirPods launched Dec. 13, the shipping date was as early as Dec. 19 to more than four weeks, and six weeks a day later. However, customers are getting their wireless earphones sooner than they expected, according to Mac Rumors .

Those who ordered the AirPods within the past nine days, would probably get them by late January or early February with the six-week shipping, but some deliveries might arrive by late December.

Mac Rumors reported :

"Just received my shipping notice for my AirPod order," said Mac Rumors reader York in an email. "The original delivery date was January 12, but it should arrive on December 28th." Likewise, another reader with an original December 29 delivery estimate has now seen his AirPods ship with an estimated delivery date of December 23.

Many other customers also said in a Mac Rumors discussion forum that their AirPods were being shipped sooner than expected.

Resellers, like Sprint and Verizon, have been untrustworthy, according to Mac Rumors . Some customers were able to purchase the earphones, but were then notified via email that their order could not be fulfilled at this time. AT&T is also selling the AirPods, but it is unclear when they will ship.

The AirPods, which come with a charging case, are priced at $159 and currently says it will ship in 6 weeks.

When the earphones were released, Apple noted that the AirPods will begin shipping in “limited quantities” at launch, which was rumored before.

“Customers are encouraged to check online for updates on availability and estimated delivery dates. Stores will receive regular AirPod shipments,” Apple said.

The AirPods were announced during Apple’s September event alongside the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The AirPods were supposed to launch in October but the release date was delayed.