• A British scientist  believes intelligent extraterrestrial life forms exist
  • Aliens may have visited Earth during the time of the dinosaurs
  • An alien invasion on Earth could be beneficial for humans

A British astronomer believes that intelligent alien life forms exist and that it’s only just a matter of time before humans encounter them. She also believes that an invasion carried out by aliens might actually be good for humanity.

Scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock specializes in the fields of physics and astronomy. Since 2014, she has been co-hosting the astronomy-themed BBC program “The Sky At Night.” Recently, she shared her thoughts on extraterrestrial intelligence. According to Aderin-Pocock, it is highly possible that humans are not the only intelligent forms of life in the universe primarily because of its vastness.

Due to the number of planets, stars and galaxies that are yet to be identified by space agencies, it is possible that there are worlds that are inhabited by intelligent alien beings.

“I sometimes wonder where the aliens are, but I have little doubt that they’re out there,” Aderin-Pocock told The Guardian. “It’s the numbers game. There are just too many planets, galaxies, solar systems, moons and stars to think there can’t be more life.”

Aside from the possible existence of extraterrestrial life, the scientists noted that it is possible that aliens may have already visited. However, since this may have occurred during the time when humans have not yet evolved, the aliens most likely left the planet after failing to connect with an intelligent life form.

This is slightly similar to the missions launched by space agencies to look for traces of alien life.

“Maybe they came in the age of the dinosaurs and left because they had no one to communicate with,” Aderin-Pocock said.

If the aliens do decide to return to the planet, even if the purpose of their visit is to carry out a wide-scale invasion, the scientist believes that this event would still be good for the people of Earth.

As noted by Aderin-Pocock, an alien invasion would unify everyone to fight against a common enemy. It would cause countries and possibly even warring factions to work together in order to protect the planet.

“I actually think that aliens arriving would be brilliant for us,” she stated. “Us putting aside our differences and getting our act together to face invading aliens might finally unite humanity.”