• Former NASA astronaut Michael Collins talks about finding alien life
  • Finding a new home planet depends on the alien life forms living there
  • Michael Collins doesn't want humans to abandon Earth

Former NASA astronaut Michael Collins of the Apollo 11 mission discussed the chances of discovering and encountering alien life in other worlds. However, for the retired astronaut, he is still hoping that this kind of discovery can be made without abandoning Earth.

Collins participated in NASA’s first mission that landed on the Moon along with astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. As these two explored the lunar surface, Collins remained inside the command module Columbia and orbited the Moon.

Recently, the renowned astronaut answered a question on Twitter regarding the importance of finding alien life and moving to a new homeworld.

Given the current environmental situations on Earth, as well as the constant threats posed by cosmic dangers, Collins noted that the main objective right now is finding a new planet where a human colony can travel to and thrive in. This way, humanity will be able to carry on no matter what happens to Earth.

However, Collins said that finding a new homeworld would also depend on the local alien life forms living there. But, despite the significance of discovering alien life and living on a new planet, the former astronaut is still hoping that humans would remain on Earth.

“I think of it all as Outward Bound, a journey that may reveal both life and place,” he tweeted. “Ultimately, a place to live may be the final goal but may be dependent upon the life forms found there.”

“I just hope we never have to make the decision to leave this Earth,” Collins continued.

Many of Collins’ Twitter followers agreed with his statement, with most of them stating the importance of taking care of Earth in order to keep it habitable. Many of them also agreed that finding traces of alien life would be a historic achievement.

“I don't think physics will let us settle other celestial bodies,” user Kai Noeske stated. “But finding life away from Earth would be the most significant moment in human history. We'd know for sure that life forms independently more than once, hence that the Universe is full of it; that we are not alone.”