• The developers behind "Among Us" teased a new in-game map
  • InnerSloth also hinted at a surprise for fans during The Game Awards next month
  • The devs might announce new features during the event

The developers behind “Among Us,” the popular deduction game where players will need to work together to discover who the “impostor” is before they are killed, have revealed that a new map is coming to the game soon.

InnerSloth, the devs behind “Among Us,” recently tweeted a photo of a new in-game map using the game’s new official Twitter account. The photo doesn’t reveal a lot of details about the entire map itself, but it does hint at a totally new environment with a few familiar features.

The image InnerSloth shared shows what appears to be the cockpit of a huge spaceship. There’s a seat for whoever is manning the ship and a few control panels scattered around the room. There appears to be just one door for ingress and egress. A vent can also be seen in the middle of the room, right in front of the captain’s desk.

The “Among Us” devs didn’t say anything about the new map in the tweet, but the picture hints at what might be a fun environment to run around as an impostor. The room in the image, for example, looks like it was designed to make it easy to capture innocent crewmates.

The map’s name hasn’t been revealed at the moment. The “Among Us” developers didn’t provide clues about its name, but they previously said that they were working on a “Henry Stickmin themed location.” They also did not mention a target release date.

This will be the fourth map for “Among Us.”

Watch Out

InnerSloth hinted in another tweet that “Among Us” may have a surprise in store for fans at The Game Awards next month.

“Hungry for more? Keep an eye out for @thegameawards on Dec 10,” the devs said. “It’s getting reaaaaal suspicious over there.”

This may indicate that more information about the game’s new map will be unveiled during the event. The devs may also announce more information about new features, which could include colorblind support and a friends/account system.

But the game’s appearance in The Game Awards is likely due to the two nominations it has received. “Among Us” has been nominated for Best Multiplayer and Best Mobile Game, according to The Verge.

It remains to be seen whether or not “Among Us” will be able to beat its competition for these awards, which include “Genshin Impact,” “Call of Duty Mobile” and “Legends of Runeterra.”

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