• Innersloth, the developers behind "Among Us," canceled the sequel announced last month
  • The devs said they will focus on improving the first game
  • They plan to add a new stage and other identifiers aside from colors in "Among Us" 

“Among Us,” the popular deduction game where players are tasked to find the “impostor” in the group before they get killed one by one, is not getting a sequel anytime soon.

In a new blog post, the developers behind “Among Us” announced that they have canceled the sequel and will instead focus on improving the existing title.

“Seeing how many people are enjoying 'Among Us 1' really makes us want to be able to support the game and take it to the next level. We have decided to cancel 'Among Us 2' and instead put all our focus into improving 'Among Us 1,'” Innersloth said.

This came over a month after the indie game company announced that it will be creating a sequel for “Among Us,” The Verge reported.

At the time, the devs explained that they needed to make a sequel because the first game “really was not created to be this big” and that it would be very difficult to add new things into the game “without breaking existing things.”

This funny game has amassed a huge following, reaching a peak 388,385 concurrent players on Steam alone within the past month, Steam statistics tracker SteamCharts reported. SteamSpy also estimated that it has 10 million players on Steam. These numbers only reflect the game's players on Steam and don't include the number of players “Among Us” has on Android and iOS.

In the new post, the devs explained that instead of creating a new game, they will simply find a way to add all the content they planned to include in “Among Us 2” to “Among Us 1.” These include the following:

  • A new stage

The devs said they are working on adding a new stage to the game. The stage is going to be a “Henry Stickmin themed location.”

  • Colorblind support

“Among Us” is a colorful game. That said, those who are having trouble identifying certain colors will be glad to know that the devs are working on adding other identifiers aside from colors.

  • Friends/Account System

The devs also revealed they are looking at introducing a new friends/account system to the game. They didn't provide details about it.

  • Servers

The devs confirmed that they are working to improve their servers.

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