• InnerSloth announced the new map for "Among Us"
  • The new map is called "The Airship" and it's more colorful and challenging than ever
  • "Among Us" won two trophies at The Game Awards Thursday

InnerSloth has finally revealed the newest map for “Among Us.” The map was unveiled during The Game Awards, where the popular multiplayer deduction game won two of the biggest prizes for the night.

On Thursday, The Game Awards gave “Among Us” and the indie game developer the trophies for Best Multiplayer and Best Mobile Game. This is an incredible feat considering the game was created by only three developers, now four, whose sole intention was to make a fun game that can be shared with friends.

The InnerSloth developers were shocked to find out that they won these two awards. They were crying and could not stop but made sure to thank their families, friends and the players who have been with them in the two years the game has been out.

After expressing their gratitude to all who voted for “Among Us,” the developers then revealed the latest addition to the game – a new map called “The Airship.”

The Airship is a very colorful map compared to previous destinations, The Verge noted. The devs first teased the map last month, when they tweeted that something sus was going on at the Game Awards.

The new map features more interesting areas where players can run, hide and finish their tasks. As in the other maps, Crewmates will still be focused on doing their tasks, while Impostors will look for ways to kill the innocent Crewmates without being discovered and ejected.

Among Us
Among Us InnerSloth

The devs added a few new interesting mechanics to the map. Players might need to use ladders to get to certain areas. Shortcuts are also available, but users will need to be very careful when they take these.

Users can also avoid grouping up by choosing a different spawn location after a meeting. This way, Crewmates will be able to avoid Impostors better – or will they?

As always, Impostors can still sabotage the game regardless of their location and can still use strategically positioned vents in order to capture careless Crewmates.

InnerSloth said the “Among Us” Airship map will arrive “early 2021.”