Android OS
A newly discovered Android vulnerability allows malware to pose as legit apps and leaves almost all apps exposed to attacks. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

New updates on operating systems for mobile phones made an appearance this week, and Android users are abuzz with talks of Google’s latest beta programme.

As the last OS was officially labeled Android Pie, some have started speculating what the next dessert-inspired label could be. There are not many choices when it comes to desserts that start with the letter “Q” so people are wondering if the next name could be something savory like queso or quesadilla. However, there are some strong votes from social media that believe that Android Q is going to be Android Quiche.

According to Forbes, Google has also released a new logo to represent the next OS or what will be Android 10.0. The green logo combines both the letter Q and number 10. Apart from this, there are not many details yet about the upcoming program although the beta version has some cool features that are worth checking out.

One of these is the dark mode. Like some interface such as the MacOS and social media platforms like Facebook Messenger and Twitter, the next Android OS will also have a dark mode. Dark mode grew in popularity during its launch because according to developers, a darker screen can help the user focus more and concentrate better.

Forbes also reported that part of the new features of the Android Q is the new battery time indicator and a QR code generation that can be used to share WIFI details.

Google could also be using some AI-driven features that will directly affect how a user consumes information online. This feature is directed towards Digital Life services that are aimed to keep users engaged online, generate traffic for sites, and most importantly, encourage them to click on advertisements.

There will also be improvements in Google’s computational photography offering, as well as some upgrades on Duplex and Google Assistant. Overall, there are not many exciting updates yet that people can look forward to for the next Android OS. But all these could change when the new mobile system will be introduced during Google’s developer conference in May.

In other news, Apple also announced that the iOS 13 will be launched at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 on June 3 this year.