Angry Birds Space, a video game based on the popular Angry Birds franchise, is the latest tool NASA is using to teach people about space as players fling cuckolding birds to crush green pigs.

NASA along with the Angry Bird creator, Finland-based Rovio Entertainment, announced Thursday that its new collaboration would help teach people about physics and space exploration.

The video game will become available March 22.

Already, three million people play the game that includes flinging birds in trajectories meant to crush green pigs. The latest iteration joins Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio, and changes the setting to space.

This collaboration began with a simple Twitter exchange about birds and pigs in space, and it has grown into a tremendous outreach and education opportunity, David Weaver, NASA communications administrator, said in a statement. Games are fun and entertaining, but they also can be inspirational and informative. This ongoing collaboration with Rovio and Angry Birds is an exciting way to get people engaged with NASA's missions of exploration and discovery, and get students energized about future careers in science and technology.

On its website, NASA described the game: From the weightlessness of space to the gravity wells of nearby planets, players use physics as they explore the various levels of the game set both on planets and in microgravity.

Already, Don Pettit, NASA flight engineer demonstrated the game aboard the International Space Station in a video shown at the South by Southwest Conferences and Festivals in Austin, Texas.

NASA has been the perfect partner for our Angry Birds Space program, and we can't wait to work with them on creating more compelling educational experiences, Peter Vesterbacka, chief marketing officer of Rovio Entertainment, said in a statement.

Information about Angry Birds Space can be found here.