Anthony Davis's eyebrows, or "eyebrow" if you will, has gained a great deal of attention. Reuters

What was once a casual conversation piece amongst college basketball fans has now become a story of national focus.

Kentucky basketball star Anthony Davis's unibrow is becoming increasingly a hot topic around the Internet. But the Wooden Award winner is handling the focus with a great deal of maturity.

I just embrace it, Davis said Thursday, according to Yahoo! Sports. The fans enjoy it and the signs are everywhere now. They've been making everything out of it. I've even seen a baby with a unibrow on Twitter. So these fans are nuts, but I love it.

Kentucky fans, for their part, are having fun with it, too. There are signs that read Bow to the brow and Fear the Brow at Wildcat games. One fan approached Davis recently and actually bowed to the brow.

She got on her knees and bowed down to me like I was a king and said, 'Bow to the Brow.' She was like 5 or 6, said Davis. I just started laughing.

Even ESPN.com used the headline Browbeaten to go along with a picture of Davis, when Kentucky defeated Louisville on Saturday night to reach the NCAA Final.

Davis, who is expected to be a top pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, is refreshing in his ability to accept humor about his unique eye brows. There have been comparisons with the puppet Bert from Sesame Street, and Davis has been quick to laugh at that comparison, as well.

Such self-esteem will likely serve Davis well in the pros.