• The firing range is a great place to practice some aiming drills in “Apex Legends”
  • Positioning is just as important as flicking or tracking
  • Pre-aiming corners and other hot spots is a good habit to have

The fast and frantic firefights in “Apex Legends” can catch many people off-guard, especially ones who came from other battle royale games like “PUBG” or “Warzone.” Hitting shots on enemies in “Apex” is much more difficult given how fast everyone can move, and the long TTK values in the game mean gunfights can last for a few minutes at least.

Practice makes perfect, but finding a good opportunity to actually train one’s aim in an “Apex Legends” match can take time and a lot of luck. Many players fizzle out within seconds of landing and those who do survive may find themselves stuck with no one to shoot for a long while.

Here are a few tips on how to practice aiming for “Apex Legends” as quickly and consistently as possible.

Make pre-aiming a habit

Pre-aiming is a staple tactic in shooters, but it’s also one that many players tend to ignore. For those who don’t know, pre-aiming is the practice of placing one’s crosshairs right where an enemy might be before engaging or peeking a corner. This is also called Crosshair Placement in other games.

This tactic helps in two ways: it reduces the time required to aim at an enemy and it enhances players’ map awareness. Even if there are no enemies around, always practice proper crosshair placement when cutting corners or entering rooms.

Positioning matters

Practicing difficult techniques like flicking and strafe tracking is essential in shooters, but when in an actual match, remember that it’s always better to find opportunities where opponents are easier to hit. The usual strafe duel in “Apex Legends” should only be a defensive last resort, and players should always try to out-position enemies instead.

In Apex Legends, movement is just as important as shooting and aiming In Apex Legends, movement is just as important as shooting and aiming Photo: Respawn Entertainment

Always try to reach a spot that exposes the enemy’s weak side without exposing your own. Getting the high ground advantage is a good way to keep safe while dealing damage.

This technically won’t help with bad flicking or tracking, but it will help players hit more shots by removing as many external factors as possible.

Firing range drills

The firing range is a great place to warm up before games.

One good drill is to pick up an R-301 or Flatline and dump entire magazines at one of the rear static targets at the range. Try to hit as many shots as possible without missing to practice recoil control.

Alternatively, players can practice strafe shooting with an R-99 on the shielded training dummies. Try to break dummies with one gold R-99 magazine to improve aim consistency while moving back and forth.