Whether Facebook or Google+ will top social media hierarchy is debatable, but an Israeli company has developed an app to bridge the gap, allowing Google+ users to access their Facebook account directly on the newly launched site.

The obvious dubbed Google+Facebook released by Crossrider last week, was created in less than a day, Crossrider CEO and co-founder Koby Menachemi told Reuters.

Google+Facebook is an extension of the Google+ network to link social networks. The free app simply adds an icon to the Google+ homepage in which users can simultaneously post on both social networking sites. It's a site within a site, Menachemi said.

However, don't get too excited; the easy-to-install app only is usable for posting and viewing, not for importing friends or content, which would violate terms of services within Facebook. It is also only supported on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers for security reasons.

Since the launch of Google+Facebook last week, it has already accumulated over 100,000 downloads since its release in comparison to the 10 million Google+ users. Here is a video from Crossrider about Google+Facebook.