• Apple recently released the iPhone 12 series handsets
  • The devices feature MagSafe connectors for use with various accessories
  • One of the accessories is a leather case that gets affected by the use of other MagSafe accessories

Apple's MagSafe charger may leave a mark on leather iPhone 12 cases, the Cupertino tech giant warns.

Apple recently released the new iPhone 12 series of smartphones. These devices feature all the best that the company has to offer in a mobile phone, such as its latest and most powerful mobile processor, its latest and best camera setup for iPhones, a new “Ceramic Shield” tech that can protect displays better than tempered glass can and more.

One of the more interesting features the new iPhone 12 series devices have is MagSafe. This isn’t actually the first MagSafe the company has released, but it’s actually a relaunched version specifically designed for the new iPhones.

MagSafe uses powerful magnets to hold certain things in place so they won’t easily fall or decouple from the iPhone 12 devices. A MagSafe charger, for example, uses magnets to latch on to the iPhone for consistent and stable wireless charging. A MagSafe wallet, on the other hand, allows users to keep their precious little belongings in a secure place – at the back of their handsets.

Apple also designed special protective MagSafe cases for the iPhone 12 series. These cases also have MagSafe on them, allowing them to protect the handsets while allowing other MagSafe accessories, like the above-mentioned MagSafe charger and MagSafe wallet, to attach to the back of the device.

While MagSafe’s powerful magnets make sure that the MagSafe accessories stay latched on to the iPhone 12 model or the case, they also do something that could be a turnoff or a bonus to users depending on their preferences.

According to Apple, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro leather cases are made of natural leather that could show creases, marks or a lovely patina over time. The use of MagSafe accessories on these cases, however, can also cause “slight imprints” on the surface of the leather.

Readers can look at the image below for an idea of how the imprint will look

For consumers who are concerned about this issue, Apple suggests using other cases, such as silicon or clear ones. Those who don’t mind, on the other hand, can expect to see a ring around the Apple logo as though highlighting it.

Apple MagSafe case An iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro Leather Case with MagSafe (in California Poppy) with a circular imprint. Photo: Apple