• Apple accepted preorders for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro but has not yet shipped them
  • The company, however, started shipping out accessories for the devices
  • The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro share accessories because of their similarities

Apple has yet to ship any iPhone 12 model unit to customers, but certain accessories, namely the new MagSafe charger and silicone case for the handsets, have begun arriving to some customers.

Some customers have shared images of the iPhone 12 accessories on Twitter, showing how they look like in real life. The accessories come in slim boxes with some interesting details printed on them.

Filip Chudzinski, developer of Apple Watch band app Bandbreite and editor of Apple Store-focused Twitter account Storeteller, posted images of the Deep Navy Silicone Case for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro as well as the new MagSafe charger. The images provide enough detail to show the accessories' designs and build quality.

First, the silicone case has several openings for the iPhone 12 Pro's features. It has a huge opening on top for the device's rear camera module; small openings at the bottom for the microphones, charging port and speakers; and buttons on the sides for the volume rockers and lock/side button.

A close-up shows that the silicone case's inner side has a soft lining, likely to protect the iPhone 12 Pro from scratches. The images also show that descriptions can be found inside the case, providing details about which device the case is to be used for, where the case was designed and made and some icons indicating use and disposal instructions.

Designed to work together

The images also show that the silicone case and the MagSafe charger have been designed to work together. The silicone case has a ring on the inside, indicating the area where the MagSafe charger should be attached to give the iPhone 12 Pro battery a top-up.

It's worth noting that since both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro measure the same size, the case can be used on both devices to protect them and charge them via MagSafe.

Speaking of the MagSafe charger, the photos show that it comes in a smaller box that has two portions. One portion houses the charging puck safely, while the other portion houses the wiring.

Another Twitter user, Mihir Joshi, shared images of the MagSafe charger and a 20W charging brick. The user said the charger requires a charging brick that has a minimum 20W charging power. The charging puck is significantly smaller than other charging pads.

The user also indicated in another tweet that, interestingly, the MagSafe charger “weakly sticks” to the iPhone 11 Pro's back side, at the location where the charging coils are located.

iPhone 12 2 The iPhone 12 Pro Photo: Cullen Paradis