Apple AirPods are more than just your iOS device’s way to help you listen to tunes privately. The device actually has many nifty features aside from this. Here are some tricks, such as having a makeshift spy device, you can do with the Apple AirPods.

Live Listen

Through the Live Listen feature, the Apple AirPods and your iPhone device can be used like a sort of spying device. To activate this feature, you’ll need to have AirPods registered to your phone first. Once registered, you’ll need to go to Settings and browse your Control Center for the Customize Controls menu. In this menu, the Hearing setting must be set to the Live Listen feature. With this feature activated, your phone’s mic will be amplified and it’ll feed all the sounds it can get directly to your AirPods.

Provided that you don’t exceed the 30 meters connectivity limits of the AirPods and don’t plan on your leaving your phone for a long time, you’ll be able to have some sort of spy device with you.

Locating Lost AirPods

If you’ve lost one or both your AirPods for some reason, the iPhone actually has a feature that allows its users to locate these lost wireless headphones again. To access this, you’ll need to go to the “Find my iPhone” app and select AirPods. The app will provide you the map of the area, and locations will show up as blue, green and gray dots on the screen. The blue dot is the device you’re holding, while the green and gray dots are each of your AirPods pairs.

If the dot is green, it means that your AirPod still has battery and is somewhere near. The AirPods dot would be gray if it’s out of batteries or range from your phone. Once you see the dot, you can proceed there and pick it up.

Manual Connect

At times, your AirPods don’t connect right to your device, but Apple actually has a feature that allows you to do it manually. To do this, proceed to the Control Center menu and go to the Now Playing widget. The AirPlay button located at the top right will allow you to see the list of available devices, and link it to your device.

AirPods Inside
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