• Apple released the new AirPods Pro 2C54 update
  • The AirPods Pro update needs an iPhone or iPad to install and download it
  • Apple has yet to release the update document, the improvements it adds is a mystery

Apple has recently released the latest update for the firmware of the AirPods Pro. This new update certainly means improvements for the device but nobody knows what the update adds to the AirPods. Installing the update requires users to have an iPhone on hand.

How To Update

The latest AirPods Pro firmware update is the version 2C54 and replaced the previous 2B488 update. Applying the update to the AirPods Pro is no easy task can’t update on its own. It needs a iPhone and update itself through the smartphone.

To get started, pair the AirPods Pro to the iPhone and make sure the earpieces are out of the charging case. Once prepared, boot up the Settings app on your iPhone and proceed to the General options. The About menus inside the General options will have the AirPods information needed to update the device. This update check is also possible on an iPad tablet.

Scroll down and find the AirPods options and check if your AirPods is already on the latest 2C54 update. The AirPods automatically updates itself if paired to an Apple device and has internet connection.

Updates Added

Every Apple update pushed out is to improve any device’s quality and features. However, many fans are unsure about this one as Apple has yet to release any official patch notes or details for the 2C54 update. The update is also exclusive to the AirPods Pro and the previous generation AirPods didn’t get this update. AirPods Pro owners can update anyway just to avoid any incompatibility issues with newer apps and Apple features as 2019 ends.

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