The Cupertino-based tech giant, over the years, has continuously shown impressive rates of installation. The latest operating system, the iOS 13 launched on Sept 19, is now officially installed on 50 percent of all iPhones and 55 percent on all iPhones launched in 2018. Meanwhile, Google has not updated the Android dashboard since May 2019 so, it’s impossible to form an assumption about the number of installations because of a lack of numbers.

While this may not be an apple to apple comparison because of the different business models, it, however, underlines the success of Apple in having control of its smaller system so it can release updates directly to the user base of the iPhone. When Google releases an update to Android, it has to seed to every manufacturer; then, each manufacturer has to use its own user interface and customizations changes, release them internally to all SKUs, check each model and begin a regional release along with a carrier rollout.

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A leaked document reportedly reveals that Apple iOS 13.3 build is coming as early as Dec.11. Getty Images/Andrew Burton

To counter this, Android releases monthly updates that contain security patches and bug fixes for a wide range of devices running on the operating system. This maintains the security of the devices and ensures that they are free of bugs. However, these monthly updates do not come with major updates to the operating system itself.

Given the smaller system and far fewer models, Apple has a much easier time, and all updates are addressing the same UI. Also, directly releases to every owner minimizing digital lag in the supply chain. This is Apple’s advantage over Android.

The Cupertino-based tech giant can reach more than half of the recent iPhone purchases with its latest iOS 13. This vastly helps, especially when dealing with several crucial issues as iOS 13 rolls out. Amidst the recent ruckus because of the bug-filled iOS 13 update and supporting updates, it appears that it has not translated into action.

Overall, Apple updates are mostly low risk and high reward, according to The Verge. Apple recently released the iOS 13.1.3 update that aims to fix the bugs causing dropped calls and several other issues, which have not been fixed when iOS 13.1.2 was released.