• Apple has a patent for a better foldable smartphone and tablet
  • The patent's screen hinge design allows the device's screen to not crease after many folds
  • Apple may not make this device this 2020 due to its current goals and focus

Smartphone giant Apple is currently holding a patent which has designs to make a better foldable smartphone. The design allows the foldable device’s screen to not crease which has been a problem on Samsung’s take on the device. However, Apple is less likely to make this device this 2020.

As seen on U.S. Patent and Trademark Office entry on Apple’s patent, the foldable screen will be designed with a special hinge and mechanisms to assure some freedom on folding of the device. The design allows the screen to not crease with repeated closing over a long time.

Apple’s design could be better if made into an actual device. As of now, the Samsung Galaxy Fold have mostly discouraged many users in looking into foldable devices due to its performance. In a few days, the device felt promising with the new technology it offers to the consumers. However, the device proved to be fragile and many problems surfaced that broke it in a week’s time.

Even with the problems and mishaps with foldable device, the race is still on as Samsung, Huawei, and even Motorola are aiming to make the next best foldable device in the market.

While Apple could sweep the competition with a better quality foldable device, the company is less likely to invest on making new smart products as of 2020. In 2019, the company announced its interest in making and improving its services and apps in the market. Smartphone and other gadget announcements have taken a backseat as most of them just pop out of the official Apple Newsroom instead of being launched in a grand event.

Other than Apple's changing interest, some of the company’s patents often just stay as patents and never actually used in producing any new products. Apple only knows when it’ll enter a new industry and if decides to compete with these three companies in making the best foldable smartphones.

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