Apple has been confirmed to be decommissioning the iTunes app after many years of service. However, Apple seems to be removing the app’s social media presence through deleting all of its content on different platforms. Here’s what we know about this.

According to the official Apple Reddit, many fans have noted that the iTunes social media pages are now empty of any content. So far, the Facebook and Instagram pages of iTunes doesn’t have any images, posts, and videos left to show. We’ve yet to know what Apple plans to do with these empty pages. MacRumors reported that the cached version of its Facebook page around May 31 will still show the iTunes related posts still up.

As of late, Apple has been confirmed to discontinue support on the iTunes platform and will have more details on the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 (WWDC 2019) this month. Apple will provide new services that’ll support the digital media that iTunes have previously supported. Music, TV programs, and podcasts will have its own dedicated new app from Apple.

The iTunes app has been around for over a decade and became one of the company’s biggest apps for their business. While the app has been loved by its fans, iTunes is known for its clunky features as it fails on properly assisting users on looking for music, TV shows, and podcasts it holds. Since Apple is  focused on improving their services under Tim Cook’s leadership, the new apps it’ll replace may definitely do its job well.

Apple has yet to announce the exact closing date of the app. However, Apple is expected to address all the happenings around the iTunes during the WWDC 2019 show. Important details, such as the closing date and what happens to any user’s iTunes purchase, should be talked about in that show.

In other news, new Apple devices are expected to be released later this 2019. Potentially, the new generation Apple devices would be the first to not have iTunes on its systems. For now, we’ll have to wait on what Apple plans to do with their digital media services in the future.

iTunes Apple has launched a new version of iTunes. Photo: Reuters/Mike Segar