Apple will reportedly release a new iPad with more features and will be a foldable device. As of now, Apple has yet to reveal any details about this possible new iPad or any other foldable device coming from the company. Here’s what we know about this potential foldable iPad.

IHS Markit researcher Jeff Lin said that this device is currently in Apple’s development pipeline, according to Chinese site Economic Daily News. The new Apple device will reportedly compete with Microsoft’s foldable surface device, according to Apple Insider.

Potentially, this foldable iPad device will have some impact on Apple’s supply chain, and the company would show signs of getting more components for the device.

While the new device details are exciting, Lin has no sources and doesn’t have a lot of specific details to reveal about the device. The only detail revealed about the foldable iPad is that it will have a screen as big as a MacBook and have Apple’s A-series processors. Again, Lin didn’t get into detail as to which MacBook and A-series processor are getting in the foldable device.

So far, Apple has only been offering the current iPad Pro units with 12.9-inch displays, while the MacBooks are 12 inches. The MacBook Air is slightly larger at 13.3 inches, and the MacBook Pro’s largest size is 15.4-inch. At best, this Apple foldable iPad may have a screen that spans from 13 to 15 inches.

For now, Apple has yet to officially announce any new foldable device to be released by 2020. The company is only expected to show the new 5G-enabled iPhones for that year as the new mobile data technology further kicks off and becomes available for some countries. Potentially, the feature may also be added to the rumored foldable iPad Pro as well.

But Apple hasn’t put out word that it’ll be joining the “foldable device” race anytime soon. While Samsung and Huawei are currently leading in the race, both companies have decided to put more time into developing their respective foldable devices after Samsung’s Galaxy Fold started breaking down in just a few days. This unfortunate event could be a good window for Apple to take the lead while the other companies are still figuring out how to make this device work.

apple macbook pro MacBook Pros are seen on display during a product launch event at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California on October 27, 2016. Photo: JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images