iOS 13 brings a slew of new and enhanced features designed to improve the iPhone user experience. While the latest iOS version was released alongside the newest iPhone models, it can also work with older iPhones so that their users will be able to enjoy it too.

iPhone users who upgrade to iOS 13 will be able to sign in to various apps and websites more securely, lower iPhone data consumption when browsing, teach the iPhone to remind them about things when messaging certain people, and find places and locations in Maps easily. iOS 13 will also help these users locate missing Apple-branded devices even when offline.

IOS 13 also has other features aside from what's mentioned above. Here are some new iPhone tricks iOS 13 users need to know, as per the New York Times.

Voice Control

Users with iPhones running on iOS 13 need to know that they can now control their Apple handsets simply by talking to it. That's right – a new feature called “Voice Control” allows users to navigate their iPhone, launch and close apps, make calls, send texts, browse the internet, increase volume levels, take screenshots and more simply with voice commands.

This new feature was designed to help disabled iPhone fans make the most of their Apple smartphone, but it can also be used by anybody who finds it difficult or impossible to use their hands (their hands are wet or dirty, for example). Voice Control can be turned on by going to Settings, then Accessibility, then Voice Control.

Once the feature is turned on, users can now command the iPhone to do all sorts of things users normally do on their Apple handsets using their fingers. The feature even allows users to edit texts; for example, saying “delete that” tells iPhone to erase what was previously said.

Text Editing Gestures

iOS 13 introduces some quick text-editing gestures that will prove helpful when working with messages or documents on the iPhone. These gestures can be used only after highlighting some text:

  • Copy: pinch anywhere on the screen using three fingers.
  • Cut: same gesture as “copy,” but done twice.
  • Paste: tap on the desired location in the document, then “unpinch” or spread three fingers (like the gesture for copy, only done in reverse).
  • Undo: Swipe three fingers left.
  • Redo: Swipe three fingers right.

These are but some of the new features on iOS 13. Stay tuned for more details regarding other features as we look into them.

Apple's AirTag is expected to allow users to locate lost items using the Find My app. Adrianna Calvo/