The Apple iOS 13.2 offers many features and upgrades to iPhones, and iPads once it lands on any user’s hands. However, the iOS 13.2 has some features which aren’t explicitly known to many users. Here are some hidden features on the iOS 13.2.

Voice Search

Apple smartphones and tablets on the iOS 13.2 have a quicker way to locate and browse through its files and apps with a voice prompt. Apple’s apps that have a search bar will often have the new microphone icon on its far right side. Tap on it and the Apple smartphone will search what is said to it on that app.

The Settings, Mail, Today View, and Messages app will have this feature and it greatly helps for trying to locate unfamiliar settings options, sort through massive amounts of mail and message, and check anything faster.

New Volume Bar

The iOS 13.2 has also changed its volume bar in this update. The volume bar now shrinks after appearing while the users adjust the volume to their liking. This feature is great for users who don’t want the volume bar to ruin their view with movies, TV shows, and videos.

More than just new visual features, the volume bar is also touch-enabled as users can drag on the volume bar to adjust it once it appears on screen.

Update Screen App Delete

Deleting apps is now easier as users can delete it from the Updates list. From that list, simply swiping the app toward the left and choosing delete will remove that app from the iPhone or iPad’s systems easily.

Most users often need to search to completely delete an app off their device. With this feature, users can remove an app once it updates after realizing it isn’t needed on the device anymore. Overall, this feature helps users manage their device’s storage space better and spend less time trying to locate where that app could be.

Safari Download Manager

The iOS 13 Safari browser on smartphones and tablets now has a download manager similar to how PC downloads work. After selecting a file to download from the internet, the user will be shown a download manager to oversee the download’s progress and if they want to stop the download altogether.

Prior to this update, the download progress are often found on the device’s dropdown dashboard and must be tracked separately from the browser app. This feature adds more choices to the user in handling the downloads on their iPhone or iPad.

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