• Apple rolls out today a new set of significant features on the iOS 13.4 Beta 2
  • It introduces improvements on the Mail app toolbar and new TV app settings
  • iOs 13.4 Beta 2 also reveals more details about the Carkey feature

A week ago, Apple seeded the iOS 13.4 Beta that added new Memoji stickers, iCloud Folder sharing, and tweak on the Mail toolbar. Today, the Cupertino company, the second developer beta, which adds important features. Here are the major changes that come with the iOS 13.4 developers’ Beta 2.

New Mail Toolbar

Users experienced a bug-ridden and clunky Mail app in Apple iOS 13. However, the Cupertino company continuously improved it through various updates. When Apple seeded the first iOS 13.4 Beta, the Delete button was moved away from the Reply button. It was helpful to prevent the accidental trashing of the message. 

Apple made another improvement on the Mail toolbar with the iOS 13.4 Beta 2. The toolbar no longer has the flag icon and now comes with a new Compose icon located on the far right side. Additionally, the Reply icon is once again moved over to another spot.

Apple CarKey Feature

While the CarKey was found in the string of codes in the iOS 13.4 Beta, it is now mentioned in the second developer beta. The latest update also details another important feature of Carkey. Owners would be able to send digital CarKeys to contacts by simply using the Messages app or iMessage. 

The CarKeys will enable the recipient to lock, unlock, and start the vehicle granted that the user has the permission of the owner. It appears that CarKeys could be customized to be either temporary or permanent. Also, it would be authenticated using the Face ID or Touch ID to make sure that the user is indeed given the owner’s permission to access the vehicle.

New TV App Settings

The Cupertino company also introduced new settings on the TV app in iOS 13.4 Beta 2. Now under Streaming Options, users can select to enable or disable cellular data. High Quality and Data Saver are available on cellular data while for WiFi; the same options are available, including Data Saver.

Download Options now come with similar tier options. Users can select to enable or disable cellular data. There are Fast Downloads and High-Quality options on enabled cellular data. The same options are also available in WiFi settings. Moreover, users can now choose to add New Audio Languages that they can download on their preferred shows.