• The latest iOS version offers a new iCloud Folder Sharing feature
  • The new feature allows users to share entire folders with one another
  • The new feature allows iPhone users to share entire folders with Mac users as well

Apple's latest iOS version for iPhones, iOS 13.4, introduces a new feature that grants users the ability to share iCloud folders with each other. Here's how the feature works.

iOS 13.4, which was released alongside operating system updates for iPads, Macs and Apple TVs, brings a slew of new features and enhancements to the iPhone. One of these, called iCloud Folder Sharing, allows users to share folders to other iPhone and Mac users so they can add their own files to it too.

This is a marked improvement from the previous iCloud sharing feature that limited users to sharing files with each other, Cult of Mac noted. Rival offerings such as Dropbox, for example, allowed users to share entire folders, basically giving users access to the same folder to view and edits the files inside them, and add their own files to be shared with other users.

It's easy to use the new feature. Here's how:

  • First, users should open iCloud and look for the folder they want to share with others.
  • Second, users should press and hold on the folder, then tap on the Share button in the menu that appears.
  • Third, after tapping on Share, users should tap on the Add People option from the Share Sheet.
  • Fourth, from there, users will be given the option to share the link with others using a variety of ways, which includes email, iMessage and more. Those who use iMessage will send an icon of the folder being shared in the message thread.
  • Lastly, the sharing process requires a response from the receiver. Those who received the icon via iMessage, for example, can tap or click on the icon to join the shared folder and gain access to it and its contents.

Interestingly, the new iCloud Folder Sharing feature also works with Macs as long as the iPhone runs on iOS 13.4. Here's how it works:

  • First, iPhone users should create the shared folder on their handset, then send the link to the Mac.
  • Second, the Mac users will receive the folder as a regular iCloud folder on their computer. Despite this, Mac users will be able to add to and remove items from it as with an iPhone's shared folder.

It's worth noting, however, that the new iCloud Folder Sharing appears to be a simple feature at the moment. It doesn't keep a history of the changes made to the files in shared folders, unlike Dropbox. That said, it's enough for those who need basic folder sharing features.

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