• Apple has finally released iOS 13.4 for the iPhone
  • The new iOS version includes a slew of new features and enhancements
  • Users can get iOS 13.4 for free via Settings

After running it through six beta versions, Cupertino tech giant Apple has finally released iOS 13.4 – the latest iOS version for iPhones. The new iOS version brings a slew of features and enhancements that users will like. It also brings a few new enhancements that developers are sure to appreciate.

What does the new iOS version offer to all iPhone users? Here's a quick look at the new iOS 13.4 as per Apple Insider:

Major updates

  • iCloud Folder Sharing

This feature, which Apple promised to come in iOS 13 but didn't, is now here via iOS 13.4. The new feature allows users to share entire folders housed in the iCloud drive using a link, or by individually sharing it. Users will be able to limit what others can do to the folders they share: they can allow them to edit files in them or simply view them.

  • New Memoji Stickers

iOS 13.4 introduces nine new Memoji Stickers that users might like. There's a surprised face that sort of looks like Macaulay Culkin's from “Home Alone,” a face looking from behind a MacBook screen, a furious or exasperated look (with steam blowing out the nose), one where the user makes an “X” using arms, and more.

  • Refreshed Mail toolbar

Apple also updated the Mail toolbar so that it could be more useful. It now has several buttons for deleting mail, moving them to different folders, a compose message button, and a reply button. Tapping on the reply button allows users to select from a variety of options, including reply, reply all, forward, trash, flag, mark as unread, archive, and so on.

  • Siri anytime

The new iOS version has an accessibility option that allows users to let Siri listen to commands or queries regardless of whether the iPhone is facing up or down.


The new iOS version also includes enhancements such as for the Photos and Music app, improvements for CarPlay, and additional support for the new Powerbeats 4 as well as the new 2020 iPad Pro. It's now available for free and can be downloaded via the Settings app.