• iOS 14 brings a slew of new features
  • This includes a small incoming call notification banner
  • The smaller banner also allows users to dismiss calls without rejecting them

iPhone users know just how frustrating it is when someone calls while they're in the middle of doing or watching something on their handsets. This is because the call normally takes precedence and a notification screen appears, blocking everything behind it.

Thankfully, Apple is making a huge change to this via iOS 14. Now, users will have the option to receive call notifications via a small pop up banner at the top of the screen. And just like the previous incoming call notification screen, this banner will also allow users to accept or reject calls without having to block everything in the display.

The iOS 14 also adds the ability to let users dismiss an incoming call without having to reject it. This new feature is perfect for those who don't want to outright reject a caller but don't want to be notified about it. See the process below.

Part 1: Using banner notifications

Users will be able to dismiss incoming calls after setting incoming call notifications to “banner.” Here's how to do it:

  • First, users will need to make sure that their handset is updated to iOS 14. Those who want to get the iOS 14 public beta will need to become a public beta tester first before getting it.
  • Second, once the iPhone is running on iOS 14, users will need to launch the Settings app.
  • Third, once there, users will need to go to the Phone menu.
  • Fourth, after that, users should look for the Allow Phone to Access section then tap on Incoming Calls. Users will need to make sure that the option is set to Banner.

After doing this, all incoming calls will be shown on the iPhone screen using a small notification banner. This banner shows the caller's identity (name or number), the Receive button and the End button.

Part 2: Dismissing calls

Now that all incoming calls will be shown via a small banner, users will be able to dismiss them easily with a simple swipe. For example, when a friend calls, users will be able to hide the incoming call notification by swiping up on it. 

2020 iPhone SE 2020 iPhone SE Photo: Apple