• The iOS 14 public beta is now available for download
  • iPhone users will be able to install it on their compatible devices
  • It's still a beta, however, and might have bugs and issues

Apple has already released the iOS 14 public beta version for all compatible iPhone models. Now, iPhone users can download and install the beta version on their devices with just a few clicks.

Cupertino tech giant Apple has finally released the public beta version of iOS 14, letting iPhone users everywhere see what it offers. This isn't a finished product yet, but installing the public beta version allows users to test its new features and see if the new iOS version is their cup of tea.

That said, here are some instructions on how to download and install the iOS 14 public beta to an iPhone. It requires users to sign up for Apple's Beta Software Program, followed by the actual download and installation of the beta version.

  • First, users should head to the Apple Beta Software Program website and sign up using their Apple ID. Users should follow on-screen instructions when signing up, then select the iOS beta program when asked.
  • Second, once done with that, users should head over to the same website using their iPhone, then log in using the same Apple ID they used to sign up.
  • Third, once signed in, users should tap on the iOS tab and then tap on the Download profile option. Users will need to tap on Allow when prompted to download the profile using Safari. The profile will be downloaded.
  • Fourth, once the profile is downloaded, users will need to go to the Settings app. A Profile Downloaded option will be shown on the screen. If it is not shown inside Settings, users should go to Settings > General > Profile.
  • Fifth, users should tap on the profile, tap on Install when prompted, then enter the iPhone's passcode to confirm the installation. Users might need to tap on Install two more times before the profile can actually be installed.
  • Lastly, once the profile has been installed, users should head to Settings > General > Software Update and tap on Download and Install to install the iOS 14 public beta.

iPhoneHacks noted that those who successfully install the iOS 14 public beta will receive automatic over-the-air updates for future iOS 14 beta releases. Those who fail to install the beta version, however, should restart their iPhone, look for a software update again, then install it as usual.

iPhone 11 Pro Unboxing iPhone 11 Pro. Photo: Aaron Yoo(CC BY-ND 2.0)