Could the iCloud have an impact on NAND flash? One analyst thinks it might. Reuters

Apple's new iOS 5 introduces an improved OS to their lineup of mobile devices at yesterday's WWDC keynote. This is sure to bring some heated competition with existing competitors in the mobile OS market including Google's Android devices and Microsoft's Windows Phone.

Among the integration of Twitter, the iOS 5 will feature 1500 new API's and 200 new features for the future iPhone 5. Some new features included the enhanced Safari browser, camera upgrades, iMessage, Gaming Center, Twitter integration, and notifications.

The keynote addressed upgrades to its camera, which includes a new shortcut that can be accessed from the lock screen. Some of Microsoft 's own lock screen camera features were seen on Apple's new iOS 5 and was addressed in Twitter by the corporate VP of Windows Phone program management Joe Belfiore.

Feeling flattered today. Lots of great [Windows Phone] ideas headed to iOS, tweeted Belfiore.

Apple's other rival Google can see some of iOS 5's features crossing paths with Android. The iOS 5 runs across nearly all Apple devices supporting the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad2, 3rd and 4th generation iPod Touch. Just a month earlier, Google revealed its own mobile OS Ice Cream Sandwich which promised to run across all Android devices. Google's own API's is open source for face tracking and additional new features. The UI will be designed to fit onto all Android devices allowing customized widget sizing.

Jobs spoke of changes to iOS 5's Gaming Center that allows more customization for profiles and discovery of new games. It allows social interaction and connects them to other players through saved games and scores.

This reminds us of Google's plans to bring gamers together through Android using NFC, in allowing peer to peer connections by physically placing devices next to each other. The technology can be used for gaming where players can play one another on head to head Android games. Android's Ice Cream Sandwich also explores compatible USB devices with Android apps. A gaming demo was given in showcasing an Xbox controller being used to play games on Android at last month's Google I/O conference.

For Apple, a major feature that covers many of its predecessor's, iOS 4, weaknesses is in its new notification system alongside a newly designed user interface. Apple's over the air updates and notification system mimic the Android's platform of automatically receiving updates and installation.

Apple's Notifications Center is accessible anytime. By swiping down on the mobile device screen, it reveals alerts, messages, tweets, and apps downloads. Each can be removed from the list individually or by groups organized by applications. Android devices have integrated the similar notifications system since its first device the HTC G1.

After WWDC's preview of the new iOS 5, Apple presented a mobile OS that is not considered revolutionary. Though it will be interesting to see how they plan to creatively execute the OS features for enhanced usability over their rivals. Based on the company's successful track record, this may be something that can place Apple at the top.