Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) banner is seen at Moscone Center, San Francisco
Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) banner is seen at Moscone Center, San Francisco IBTimes

The Apple iOS 5 version has received much attention as the mobile OS will be introduced by CEO Steve Jobs next week. Talks have been swirling about possible features that may range from enhanced notifications, widgets, integration of iCloud, and the inclusion of social network platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

According to new reports and tweets, Apple's upcoming iOS5 for its iPhone, iPads, and mobile devices will have Twitter deeply integrated into the platform. Twitter users are waiting in anticipation to see whether this will be a reality or just one of many other Apple rumors.

Thus far the rumors are taking shape to be fact based on tweets from Rackspace tech blogger Robert Scoble. Earlier Scoble tweeted,

Next week will be a huge week for those of us who have lived on Twitter for last few years. Apple is building Twitter in deeply into iOS5.

I know someone who built the Twitter integration into iOS5 and I believe him when he says I'll love it, added Scoble.

Social network sharing has become a common feature that any smartphone should include. The iOS 5 can usher in an efficient and user friendly experience onto Apple devices for sharing text, links, photos, and videos. With the iOS 5 already working on improving notifications, the addition of Twitter would seem ideal along with existing options such as auto complete of hashtags, previews of attached photos before posting, auto-shortening of urls, and showcase of latest trend topics.

Current iPhones already have Youtube integrated into the interface. With the inclusion of Twitter into the mix, Facebook would be a probable next candidate to join the party.

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