The iOS 7 UI in the video apparently matched with the iPad home screen, which Apple displayed at the bottom of its iOS 7 page. Apple

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS 7 beta is yet to be released for the iPad. But a new video from Russia claims to show the new mobile operating system running on an iPad, also providing a quick demonstration of the main features of the software.

A Russian YouTube user, who goes by the pseudonym “rozetked,” uploaded a video on Tuesday, which appeared to be the first hands-on experience with the iPad iteration of the iOS 7 beta. The video clip runs one minute and 33 seconds, showing how the revamped iOS 7 User Interface, or UI, with its redesigned stock apps will appear on a bigger 9.7-inch display.

The clip showed that the purported iOS 7 beta for iPad included the basic functionality seen in the iPhone and iPod touch version of the software. The video displayed the same icons, coupled with the moving hand on the Clock app and home screen animations.

The user demonstrated the Notification Center and the Command Center panes by sliding down and up. However, neither of the features used the full width of the iPad’s screen. The parallax view, which Apple displayed at the WWDC 2013, was also not present, Apple Insider reported.

“Also shown is how iOS 7 may handle apps not created for iPad. The usual "2X" implementation is still there, but the UI is slightly revamped, without buttons or other skeuomorphic cues,” the report added.

The iOS 7 UI in the video apparently matched with the iPad home screen, which Apple displayed at the bottom of iOS 7 page.

The video also seems to be in line with a set of recently leaked screenshots of the iOS 7 beta running on the iPad. A developer called Sonny Dickson took to his Twitter account on Saturday to post several screen shots of iOS 7 running on an iPad, using the Xcode simulator.

As for the new video footage, it is still unclear whether the uploader has managed to hack iOS 7 to make it run on the iPad, or he actually has an iPad version of iOS 7 beta. However, the clip looks quite genuine.

“I’m not a pro video editor, but there don’t seem to be any noticeable editing artifacts. The Control Center conspicuously lacks the flashlight toggle, for example,” wrote Christian Zibreg of iDownloadBlog.

IBTimes does not ascertain the legitimacy of the video. It is cited for the sake of discussion.

Take a look at the video below: