While Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) hasn’t talked much about iOS 7 on the iPad yet, a developer has posted a few screenshots of the redesigned iOS version running on the iPad.

Apple briefly mentions, at the bottom of its iOS 7 page, that the new mobile operating system will be compatible with the iPad 2, the third generation iPad with Retina display, and the iPad mini. Other than that, there are no official images of iOS 7 for the flagship tablet from Apple.

Reports surfaced last week saying that Apple was behind in releasing iOS 7 for the iPad and therefore, the first beta of the new OS would only be available on the iPhone and iPod touch.

However, a developer called Sonny Dickson took to his Twitter account on Saturday to post several screen shots of iOS 7 running on an iPad, using the Xcode simulator.

An iOS simulator allows developers to rapidly prototype and test builds of their apps during the development process. It enables developers to simulate several iOS devices and several versions of the iOS operating system.

Dickson posted many screenshots of iOS 7 running on iPad that included features such as Notification Center, Game Center and Maps to name a few. But the images are not of a live version of iOS 7 as they have been obtained from the iPad simulator running in Xcode.

The screenshot of the Control Center includes a “flashlight” option, which is quite interesting. The option activates the LED flash on the back of the iPhone, but no iPad model currently features an LED flash. Therefore, “flashlight” option, spotted on the Control Center, could just be a leftover, 9to5Mac reported.

Find more screenshots of iOS 7 running on the iPad here.

Ever since Apple unveiled the iOS 7 last week, developers have been very active, cataloging and discussing the iOS 7 beta and its new features, and according to a study, there has been an exponential increase in web traffic from iOS 7-enabled devices following its announcement.

The study by ad firm Chitika said that the first beta version of iOS 7 accounted for 0.22 percent of all iPhone and iPod touch web traffic in North America as of June 12, two days after its initial release. The early adoption of iOS 7 beta doubled the 0.11 percent of all iOS web traffic seen after the third beta release of iOS 6 last July.

Following the release of iOS 7 beta, many developers reported bugs in the new software. However, despite the initial backlash from developers, the web traffic from iOS 7-compatible devices is increasing fast, suggesting that developers continue to download and test the overhauled iOS version.

“The more radical design change, and its potential impact on existing applications, could be driving this behavior. Alternatively, the new interface could be spurring users to browse more frequently,” the study said.

The study stated that the initial growth in iOS 7 beta adoption is definitely a positive sign for Apple as it indicates that developers are quite excited to test the redesigned iOS and its features, while also ensuring that their apps function without any hassle once iOS 7 is publicly released later this year.

Take a look at the chart here:

The first beta version of iOS 7 accounted for 0.22 percent of all iPhone and iPod touch web traffic in North America as of June 12. Chitika