• Apple has just released the new 2020 iPad Pro
  • The new iPad Pro boasts of improved specs and features compared to older iPad Pro models
  • There are a few ways to maximize the use of the new device

Apple has just released the new 2020 iPad Pro – its most powerful tablet to date. The new device features a better processor compared to the older model, and boasts of new features such as an upgraded camera setup with LiDAR scanner, a new Magic Keyboard that makes it look and feel like a laptop, and more.

Aside from the new components and accessories, the new iPad Pro also has a slew of new features that will make working on the new device a breeze. Here are a few tips and tricks to getting an improved user experience on the 2020 iPad Pro, courtesy of iPhoneHacks.

Quick Unlock

First, the basics. Those who plan to get the new Magic Keyboard with the new iPad Pro will be able to unlock their tablet with just a simple double-tap on the space bar. Tapping the space bar twice in quick succession will alert the iPad Pro to start the unlocking process. All users need to do next is to look at the iPad Pro's display for Face Unlock to complete the process.

Access the App Switcher Quickly

Now that the device is unlocked, it's time to get working. Users can access the App Switcher easily by swiping up from the bottom to the middle of the screen. Users will need to make sure to swipe as flicking up will either close apps or bring up the Dock.

Access the Dock

As mentioned, the Dock can be brought up by swiping up. What's the difference between swiping to call the Dock and swiping to open the App Switcher? iPhoneHacks said users will have to swipe up about two inches then pause for a few moments to bring up the Dock. Alternatively, users can just press the Command + Option + D keys simultaneously.

Use Split-screen Mode

Users can enter split-screen mode by bringing up the Dock while an app is running. Once the Dock is up, users will need to drag the app icon and drop it to the left or right side.

Drag and Drop Between Apps

Users can drag items from one app and drop it to another app in split-screen view. To do this, users need to make sure that two apps are running in split-screen mode, choose items from one app (such as images, paragraphs of text, videos, links, et cetera), drag and drop it to the other app.