• Apple's new iPad Pro is set to be shipped March 26
  • A consumer, however, receive their new iPad Pro earlier
  • The new user shared photos and Benchmark scores on the internet

Apple's new iPad Pro is still set to arrive later this week, but a buyer already received his – and shared a lot of details on the internet.

The new iPad Pro, a welcome refresh of the 2018 iPad Pro model, has arrived, at least according to one user who received his order early, 9To5Mac reported. The user posted his new Apple tablet on Reddit and explained that while he ordered his device on launch day, he was told to expect its arrival on March 26, which is the original release date.

The Redditor, Zindexed, said he was shocked to receive a message from the courier saying that the package containing his new Apple iPad Pro was set to arrive. Upon arrival, the user quickly took some snapshots and ran some Benchmark tests to see how the device performs, then shared it on the internet for all to see. Here's what he shared.


According to images the consumer uploaded to Imgur, the new iPad Pro looks sleek and stunning. The new device has a huge camera module at the back, similar to what's on the iPhone 11 Pro devices, in order to hold cameras and the LiDAR scanner together.

A long line that runs from edge to edge can be seen on top, directly above the camera module. The Apple logo sits at the center, while three small circles can be seen sitting side-by-side beneath the iPad branding near the bottom of the device. The device comes in a good-looking box.

2020 iPad Pro
2020 iPad Pro with the new Magic Keyboard. Apple

Benchmark scores

The new iPad Pro user also shared the new device's Benchmark scores. The scores reveal that it is capable of performing better compared to the 2018 iPad Pro (also indicating that it is definitely faster than the 2020 MacBook Air).

Per the tests, the 2020 iPad Pro has higher single-core and multi-core scores compared to the 2018 iPad Pro, at 1114 vs. 1111 (single-core) and 4654 vs. 4604 (multi-core). The 2020 iPad Pro's scores are significantly higher compared to the 2020 MacBook Air's 1047 (single-core) and 2658 (multi-core) scores. It's worth noting that the MacBook Air in question is powered by a Core i5 processor.

The looks and test scores indicate that the 2020 iPad Pro is a real workhorse that professionals and creatives can rely on when they need to get their jobs done.