Apple recently released new smart battery cases for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. These cases are designed to add more battery life to the iPhones so that users can do more with them while worrying less about having to charge.

With that said, are these smart battery cases a smart buy? Here's a quick look at some of the reasons why iPhone users should and shouldn't buy Apple's new battery cases.

Added battery life

Apple proudly said the new battery cases can add up to 50% battery life for all three iPhone 11 series models. This means users can send more texts, make and take more calls, listen to more music, play more games, capture more photos and videos, and so on. Considering the battery life each iPhone 11 series model has, the added 50% means a lot, MacRumors noted.


The new smart battery cases have some features iPhone 11 series model users will like. The cases charge with the iPhone simultaneously; passthrough capabilities allow users to plug Lightning-based headphones and accessories; and the cases work with iOS to reveal battery life on both the device and case.

A new camera button

Apple obviously wants users to take advantage of the camera on the iPhone 11 series devices, particularly the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, using a new camera button on the cases. The button launches the camera app whether the phone is locked or not, and allows users to take photos and QuickTake videos without any hassle.

The new camera button doesn't work with third-party camera apps like Halide and Obscura, though, iMore noted. This means the button will only work with the Camera app on iOS.

Familiar design

The new cases look similar to the ones made for the iPhone XS series, but with a bigger cutout for the iPhone 11 Series' square camera module. They have the same soft-touch silicone outer and microfiber inner. What's more, they're bulky and add more weight to the devices, 9To5Mac noted.

All of these things said, it all depends on a user's preference. The new smart battery cases might be a bit expensive at $129 apiece, but they will help those who are always away from a wall outlet, as well as those who don't want cables and powerbanks attached to their phones when outside.

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