TF International Securities analyst and reputable Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo shared his latest predictions for Apple and its upcoming products. According to a Chinese written report, the Cupertino-based tech titan is now preparing for the release of the Apple iPhone SE 2 along with the new Apple iPad Pro models for the first quarter of 2020. This will be followed by the release of the Apple AR Headset in the second quarter.

According to the Taiwan-based analyst, Apple will work with third-party brands to launch its first set of iPhone accessory AR Headsets. Kuo also predicts that the new iPad Pro models will feature a rear-facing 3D time of flight sensor comparable to the TrueDepth camera configuration that the latest iPhone and iPad models have. The upcoming iPad Pro devices are capable of getting accurate depth data of the world around them.

Presumably, this feature is targeted to enhance augmented reality experiences. Ming-Chi Kuo's prediction on the arrival of the iPhone SE 2 aligns with the recent report by  Nikkei. The report also states that the next iPhone SE iteration will run on A13 with a chassis design that resembles a lot like the iPhone 8.

The release window of the Apple AR headset also aligns with some of the codes discovered in iOS 13 and with Ming-Chi Kuo’s report released last March. While we have these details, we still lack information about the exact plan of Apple for its next-generation augmented reality glasses. We do not know the design of the headset yet or if it will function more like a gaming augmented reality helmet or more like glasses.

The Apple insider also predicts that the Cupertino-based tech giant will collaborate with third-party brands when it releases the first headsets. Interestingly, the timeline predicted by Kuo also suggests that an Apple MacBook with a scissor-switch keyboard is coming in the second quarter of next year. While it is not clear if the analyst is referring to the 16-inch MacBook Pro or an entirely different MacBook model. Ming-Chi Kuo’s report also predicts that Apple will be able to meet the demand for iPhone 11 by the end of this quarter.